• Bran Finisher
  • Bran Finisher
  • Bran Finisher

Product Description

Detaches adhering endosperm particles from the bran and thus increases the flour extraction rate in the mili.

The rotating, adjustable beaters seize the tangentially incoming stream of hranand flingit against the impact wall and the screen.Thebranisrepeatedly picked up by the rotor, gradually causing the flour particles to bacome completely detached.The special design of the screen prevents the screem of bran from simply rotating along with the rotor. The slight vibration of the flexihle screen keeps the perforations öpen. If the removed, the machine has to be connected to an exhaust system.

-Production of commercially usable flours, along with clean bran
-Simple, compact design equipped with individual drive
-Smooth, quiet operation
-Low power requirements, low wear
-Perforations are kept clear by the slight vibration of the screen
-Minimum maintenance and ease of access to the easily removahle screen
-Design ensuring excellent sanitation
-Two sizes available in two design variants each: left - hand, right - hand
a-) Left Machine
b-) Right Machine

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TYPE Size of screen
Capacity Power Air Required Weight
0-Diameter Lenght kg/h kw m3 / min Net Gross
45/110 0400 1000 900-1800 5.5 10 320 380