• Drum Sieve
  • Drum Sieve
  • Drum Sieve

Product Description


It is a new model machine used in the Preliminary Cleaning of Corn and Legumes in the flour mills and the wheat storage silos. Due to the drum sieve, a successful cleaning is made at high tonnages. It provides high efficiency in the separation of undesired rough materials. By way of using square-perforated sieve instead of a round-hole sieve, sieve area is widened. With easy sieve change and assemblage, it is a trouble-free machine. In this model, the problematic materials such as belt, pulley, oscillation block, and suspension road are not used. Besides flour mills, it is used as a classifier in every sort of cereal facilities.       


  • Flour and semolina factories  
  • Rice factories  
  • Corn factories  
  • All sort of legume factories  
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Screen diameter Screen Lenght Power Air Required Capacity Weight kg Volume
A B C (mm) (mm) (kw) (m3/min) (t/h) Net (m3)
T E - 10 2420 1520 960 730 1500 1.5 10 15 - 100 410 3
T E - 20 2420 1660 1150 950 1500 2.2 13 100 - 200 620 4.2