• Intensive Dampener
  • Intensive Dampener
  • Intensive Dampener
  • Intensive Dampener

Product Description

This unit has been designed for use either where a high percentage of water additionis requireduptofivemaxsix,percent,or for damping of wheat where minimal moisture additions are necessary. The unit allows the grain to be two dampener system by the moisture without damage or breakage to the kemels. This machineistheresultofmanyyearsoftests and developments conducted by our company and fiılly provides answors to many of the problems facing the miller in wheat cleaning plants. The unit is compact, sturdy and is highly efficient in its operation. Throught the section of the carrect rotor spee, combined with,the particular shape of the casing and the blades angle this unit performs a INTENSIVE DAMPINGSYSTEM jop and guard provides impressive results on ali tempering systems. It is eguipped with a drive motor V belt drive.

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TYPE Capacity
Water Addition rate
Net Gross
CT-E 32/60 5-8 120 - 500 7,5 350 410 2.0
CT-E 32/100 8 - 16 200 - 800 11 420 510 2.5