Multi-storey Building Projects

Moramill can produce turnkey facilities in addition to offering high-efficiency products for the milling sector and guarantees you that you can operate your facility with high efficiency by way of a perfect system integration.  
In the turnkey projects;
Building designs and machine layout suitable for the investor’s target capacity are made. This design is also turned into a work flow systematics with diagrams according to the required product features.   
In the projects of steel construction, all process is managed meticulously from the groundbreaking stage to the completion of roof and it is ensured that the facility has a solid infrastructure. 
The machines needed for a project are manufactured in a way that they will be project-specific and have a minimum cost.  
Mechanical and electrical montage is designed with the maximum productivity principle by the montage teams at the factory montage area. These designs allow the facility to be put into use within the shortest time and in a way the system flows in the fastest way. All these works are carried out in the control of supervisors and system quality is guaranteed.  
After the montage and all necessary controls are done, the factory is put into use. Moramill expert team ensures that the facility reaches the required values of capacity, performance and final-product quality. 
During and after the facility commissioning, the standard technical trainings are given to the technical staff who will work in the facility. It is ensured that the personnel have high level of knowledge on the operation and maintenance of Moramill machines and the fundamental principles regarding the mill system.  
Moramill provides nonstop service 24/7 with its Pro Support team in order to give support right away in case of need for service and spare parts. This team gives service to the entire milling sector with the quality of Moramill whether it is a Moramill facility or not.