Moramill steel celery storage silos are manufactured with maximum durability in the cutting-edge manufacturing sites. They can be manufactured from 4 m3 up to 33,450 m3 in different dimensions as per need. With the stainless sheet metal at the galvanized rate of 600gr/m2 used in the manufacturing, it ensures effective durability against corrosion. Silo body sheet metals and support legs are arranged in a way they will evenly distribute the loads applied on the silo. The screws of Geoment 500 A Plus in the quality of 10.9 are used at the connection points. Silo designs and static calculations are made according to climate and earthquake factors suitable for each project and controlled meticulously. Density design in the static calculations is taken as (52 Ibr/cu.ft) – 830 kg/m3. Silo roof is manufactured as 30º. The roof entrance door is designed exclusively in a way it will create advantages during entrance and exit of a silo. Silo roofs are manufactured from high-strength, corrugated roof panels in compliance with the ASTM-653 standards.